Bachelor of Physical Education


Project Description


A leading academic center producing competitive and multi-skilled Teacher Education graduate committed to serve for the advancement of the community.


Preparation of globally competitive teachers who are imbued with ideals of nationalism and patriotism and are sufficiently equipped with dynamic pedagogical knowledge and skills.


Realization of highest level of professional existence and commitment through the development of knowledge, skills, competencies, attitudes, and values for every education students.

Program Outcomes:

  • PO1 – Disciplinal Knowledge:
        1.  Apply scientific and evidence-based practices critical to the educational and learning processes
  • PO2 – Movement and Competency and Proficiency:
        1. Demonstrate skillful performance in a variety of physical activities
        2. Adapt performance to a variety of physical activity settings: (e.g., formal classes, recreational, and competitive)
  • PO3 – Curriculum & Program Planning, Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation:
        1. Critically examine the curriculum (e.g., content, pedagogy and assessments) and program, and enhance (e.g., innovate) them necessarily
        2. Plan and implement safe and effective physical activity programs to address the needs of individual and groups in school and/or non-school              settings
        3. Monitor and evaluate physical activity programs in school and/or non-school settings
        4. Use appropriate assessments in, as and for student or client learning
        5. Use information, media & technology in pedagogy and for lifelong learning.
  • PO4 – Professional Accountability and Responsibility:
        1. Demonstrate firm work/professional ethics
        2. Cultivate solidarity by working and dealing with/relating to others harmoniously.
        3. Promote the advancement of the profession by making sense of and getting involved in current discourse that impact on the profession.
        4. Pursue lifelong learning for personal and professional development
  • PO5-Communication:
        1. Communicate effectively with PE practitioners, other professionals and stakeholders.
        2. Use oral, written, and technology formats deftly

Program Requirements

Admission Requirements (According to the 2018 Revised Student Handbook)

  • A student shall have obtained in Senior High School a rating of least 85% or its equivalent while applicants with average lower than 85% should pass Teacher Aptitude Test
  • Physically and psychologically fit.
  • Should write a brief account for enrolling to Elementary/Secondary Education.
  • Should be interviewed by designated official of the college.

Retention Policy (According to the 2018 Revised Student Handbook)

  • No grade lower than 2.50 in any subject.
  • No grade lower 2.00 or its equivalent in any major subject.
  • No failing grade in any subject.
  • If the student fails to meet the retention policy in the first semester of second year level, the student shall be given one semester on probation, after which and the deficiencies still occur, the student will be advised to shift to another course or program.


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