PLSP’s Course Catalogue

Curriculum refers to what is taught in school, such as a set of subjects, content, a program of studies, a set of materials, a sequence of courses, a set of performance objectives, or anything else that occurs within the school. In other words, curriculum is the total learning experience of the learner under the supervision of the teacher.

Pamantasan ng San Pablo education is a continuous effort to broaden individuals’ potential in a comprehensive and integrated manner to produce harmonious and balanced intellectual, emotional, and physical human beings founded on faith and obedience to God. To accomplish this, PLSP developed a well-balanced curriculum that was adapted to the needs of the students, community, and industries. The university helps students through the course catalog to keep them informed and up-to-date on the courses they will be enrolled in, so they are aware of the program they will be attending.

A course catalogue is the single most significant navigation tool available to students. A course catalogue is a valuable resource for potential students at higher education institutions. This allows students to compare numerous colleges and universities, as well as peruse an online database of courses before enrolling utilizing a course catalogue. It is a document containing an organized, detailed, and descriptive list of course offerings for each degree programs offered by the university, college, or other educational institution. Also called as a course calendar, it contains information such as the course title, requirements, course length, credit amount, and so on. We created a course catalogue at PLSP that provides more information about the institution’s vision, mission, and goals.

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