The school is deeply committed towards the integral formation of the human person, with a profound faith in God, in his fellow men and himself by providing its students the full development of their physical, intellectual, social and cultural endowment for effective participation in various professions and industrial occupations and to enable them to enjoy reasonable quality of life to be able to contribute to the upliftment of the human society.


The school is a Center of Excellence upholding glocally-responsive education dedicated to transform lives and empower communities.


To strengthen and synergize instruction, research and extension, administration and student development creating a learning community that ensures the generation of God-loving and holistic graduates prepared for civic engagement and academic and life success.


  • The development of high-level professionals.
  • The attainment of empowered and globally competitive graduates.
  • The pursuit of better quality life for all its graduate


  • To provide relevant knowledge and to develop the skills, competencies, habits, attitudes and values of the students that required in the chosen profession.
  • To advance human knowledge through study and research.
  • To give professional training in scientific, cultural, technological, industrial and vocational fields.
  • To mold students to become professionally competent, creative, and capable of making free, morally upright choices and decisions and serve as positive agents of change in their respective community.
  • To provide opportunities for personal growth in leadership and community building through a network of student curricular, extra and co-curricular activities as well as human resource development programs for continuous growth of students, faculty and staff.


  • Patriotism: The value of patriotism embodies self-sacrifice for the sake of the country in order to preserve its honor (Prasanna, 2020), with which every PLSPians should share the same sentiment that creates a sense of oneness that induces them to become a better person and a good citizen that shows unwavering and devotional love for our country and the ideals and aspirations that it stands for.
  • Leadership: The PLSPians share the value of leadership, which helps to foster both a positive and motivating culture in their self-consciousness to achieve goals and what type of leader they want to be, and can contribute to their developing the necessary skills of a leader, which plays an important role in guiding on how the decisions and actions they take.
  • Service: The PLSPians value service to humanity because they discovered an innate motivation to share compassion and work with the underprivileged members of society to improve their lives.
  • Professionalism: Professionalism is demonstrated by PLSPians through Competence, Knowledge, Conscientiousness, Integrity, Respect, Emotional Intelligence, Appropriateness, Confidence, and Excellence, which affirms in the inherent worth and dignity of all people while adhering to the rules, regulations, and laws applicable to the profession that they pursue.
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