THE FORESHADOW AND THE FORESIGHT is the theme of the Culminating: Fashion Show of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management 1st year and 2nd year students held at the PLSP Sports Pavillion. The theme captures the meaning of fashion that has always been a reflection of societal attitudes, cultural shifts, and individual expression. It possesses both the power to foreshadow upcoming trends and the ability to provide foresight into the future of style. The said undertaking is part of the curriculum course Professional Development and Applied Ethics for first-year students and Personal Development and Public Relations for second-year students.

CTHM-1st year and 2nd year students

We would like to extend our gratitude to the following: Dr. Sifredo C. Adajar University President, Mr. Mark Francis P. Donato Vice President for Administration Planning and Finance, Prof. Lorena E. Bautista Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Kristin Anne C. Corcega VPRI, Ms. Kristine Ann Picaso Admin Office Head of Executive Secretary.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the faculty members who made this event possible, to the BSHM Program Chair Mr. John Dominic Florendo, to the BSTM Program Chair Mr. Dave Sidney Tirones, and to the Dean of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management who had given us his extensive efforts and support to fulfill and finish this culminating activity Dean Cartney C. Lagaya. Of course we would like to take the opportunity to thank the following PDPR and THC 6 Instructors who had guided us from the very beginning up until the end to fulfill our duties in this culminating event Ms. Eunice Patricia Ama, Mr. Peterson L. Robles, Ms. Dara Kae Gregorio, Mr. Basilio Amado, and Ms. Jadecedine Bianca Fernandez.

Lastly, the event would not be successful without the help of the committee who had contributed much effort to this activity:

Mr. Justine Jay Brugada (Chairman)
Ms. Keeschzarie Duldulao (Vice Chairman)
Ms. Jenny Rose Francisco (Secretary)
Ms. Shaun Conejares (Treasurer)
Mr. John Paul Saclolo (Auditor)
Ms. Ara Bela Moran (Program Head)
Mr. Harold Teñido (Decoration Head)
Mr. Justin Daryl Torres (Technical Head)
Ms. Kim Chy Adigue (Registration and Documentation Head)
Mr. Jhereagy Andal (Food Head)

The Host of the Program Mr. Renz Robie R. Tubigan, Ms. Maureen Mae Machado, Mr. Reyland Macalam, and Ms. Dara Kae Gregorio, and Mr. Michael Orgado for the assistance in the program.

We are also filled with gratitude to thank Xpixel Photography headed by Mr. Niño Romer Panagsagan, the Icebox lights and sounds Staff’s, and all the students who had participated in the said event.

This event had been really remarkable from the very first day that we had prepared for it up until the final walk that we had rendered unto the runway


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