With the purpose of producing more quality gender-related studies, the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation (OVPRI), Office of the Vice President for Community Engagement and Development (OVPCED), and Center for Gender Equality and Development (CGEAD) join forces in conducting a one-day seminar workshop with the theme “Gender-Responsive Research and Extension through Glocalization,” February 8.

Dr. Jeoffrey Maddatu Calimag, SPCM, Assistant Professor in Kyungsung University and President of the Council of ASEAN Professors in South Korea was introduced as the resource speaker of the event.

He imparted knowledge on two certain key points; gender-responsive and gender by history in connection with glocalized landscape in the key areas of research and community engagement as the first part of the seminar.

Moreover, the afternoon session features on exercising what they have learned as attendees work in groups and are tasked to present a gender-responsive research project.

According to Dr. Calimag, “Acknowledge that there are always norms in our family, society, and school, but reduce the negative effects of these norms, especially in the field of research, to be more gender-responsive.”


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