Research is one of the three functions of Higher Education Institution (HEI), the other two being instruction and extension. It aims to advance exiting knowledge in a discipline, to fill significant gaps in such knowledge and develop new paradigms in the different fields of studies. Hence, research has a very significant role in achieving the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng San Pablo’s vision of producing competent and competitive graduates, its mission of providing a well-balanced and relevant educational program and developing PLSP as the center of excellence in education. Through research, PLSP could also contribute towards social awareness and serve the needs of the community.

To realize these goals, research should be a culture in PLSP with its faculty members and students actively involved in this field. Research will be conducted in different fields of studies like in arts, sciences, education, business, and technologies for the continuous development of the faculty’s instructional and extension-based competencies. Faculty members should recognize research activities as a normal part of a productive faculty member’s academic work that enhances instruction, extension, and general academic effectiveness.

A well planned “Research and Innovation Program” will benefit not only PLSP and the individual faculty members but most importantly the students and society. Research will provide the faculty and the students the pleasure and passion for continuous learning. Increased competencies and knowledge through active involvement in research will greatly enhance the capability of PLSP to be an effective provider of quality education.


The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation (OVPRI) generating relevant student and personnel researches responsive to the growing needs of the community and industry.


The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng San Pablo (PLSP) – OVPRI aims to nurture the research capacity of the students, faculty, and staff, fostering an environment that is grounded on Filipino culture and responding to the growing needs of society.


  • To develop PLSP as a center of academic excellence through research & innovation.
  • To instill a strong culture of research in PLSP.


  • To produce quality research outputs beneficial to community.
  • To establish linkages with LGU, NGO and other agencies to generate research.
  • To provide institutional seminars and lectures on research process practices.
  • To update student & faculty research by delegating participants in national and international research seminars, trainings, and conferences.
  • To provide programs that will generate quality research outputs from students & faculty.
  • To regulate student & faculty research program.
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