These are some of the forms you need to complete to transact with the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation. Please click the title of the form to download it.

Research Standardized FormatsStandardized manuscript formats for Thesis, Capstone, Design Project, Feasibility Study, Business Plan and Research Journal
Informed Consent TemplateStandardized document for acquiring informed consent from participants in research studies or other voluntary activities.
Informed Consent Template (Expanded Version)Standardized document outlining specific information and components for obtaining informed consent from individuals who are participating in a research study or other activity requiring their voluntary participation.
Research Ethics Clearance FormEthical review document researchers must accomplish. It seeks ethics institutional review board’s approval on the ethical conduct of the study ensuring participant’s safety.
Research Approval Sheet TemplateStandardized document used to indicate the official approval granted to a research study by an authorized committee.
Abstract Template (For Students)Standardized format for students to concisely and structurally summarize their research projects, offering a brief overview that highlights key elements and findings of the study.
Abstract Template (For Publication)Standardized format or structure used by researchers to summarize their research study in a concise and informative manner when submitting it for publication in an academic journal.
Student Researcher Application FormDocument designed specifically for students who intend to conduct research for their academic work.

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