The PLSP-OVPSDS adapts philosophy behind student affairs and services as accorded in Section 5, CMO 9 series of 2013. That is the holistic development of learners who are equipped not only of job skills, but also LIFE and VALUES to enable them to become productive citizens and future leaders of the country.


A God-loving OSDS that is a Center of Excellent in Student Development and Services.


The mission of PLSP-OVPSDS is to lead SDS divisions and offices in the flexible, responsive, and outcomes-based Student Development, Student Welfare, and Institutional Student Programs thru utilizable SDS researches, innovative, and relevant SDS programs, continual SDS community extension and linkages, green and viable student enterprise development projects, culture of collaboration, and value for sustainable development goals, spirituality and faith in God.


  • To facilitate holistic and well-rounded student development programs.
  • To provide student services that dynamically supports academic instructions.
  • To produce graduates who will be God loving, responsible citizens and future leaders.


In accordance to with CMO 9, Series of 2023, PLSP-OSDS shall pursue the following objectives:

  • Ensure proper balance between the rights of PLSP as an educational institution and the right of learners.
  • Improve the quality of student affairs and services in PLSP.
  • Promote access to quality, relevant, efficient and effective student development and services.
  • Support student development and welfare.


  • Patriotism
  • Competence
  • Compassion
  • Commitment and Integrity

Accredited Student Organizations

Mandated Student Organizations

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