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The College of Teacher Education (CTEd) has its humble beginnings in 1997 as one of the three pioneering departments of the then, Dalubhasaan ng Lungsod ng San Pablo, with a total population of around 300. Today, the number has grown tremendously into 9,000 plus of which CTEd has a total population of 1, 213 from its 5 programs, namely: Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd), Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd), Bachelor of Technical-Vocational Teacher Education (BTVTEd), Bachelor of Special Needs Education (BSNEd), and Bachelor of Physical Education (BPEd). The College is directly under the supervision of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (University Code 2022, Chapter IV, Article 12, Section 3).

The College, in its aim for excellence and continued development in its educational services and offerings, has been undergoing accreditation with the ALCUCOA since 2013. At present, 5 of its programs are awarded Level 2 accredited status: BEED and BSED (BSEd Filipino – Level 1 Re accredited). Moreover BTVTEd, BSNEd and BPEd was awarded a Certificate of Program Compliance by Commission on Higher Education – Region IVA on October 2020. The impressive record of the College in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) for many years since its first class of graduates in 2001 has placed the College in the map of distinction in Teacher Education among LCUs in the Philippines. Its graduates land teaching jobs all over the country, even abroad. To date, the College has produced two LET topnotchers, both Top 7 placers, one from the 2011 LET – Mr. Dennis Marita (BSEd Math Major) and the second from the January 2022 National Examination – Mr. Mark Teofil C. Mission (BSEd Filipino Major). It has turned-over to the society thousands of successful and gainfully employed licensed professional teachers. The College is gearing up for Level II accreditation, and commits to quality as a way of life.


The College of Teacher Education is a Center of Development that creates opportunities for sustainable growth in instruction, research, community-engagement, and production for nation building.


The College of Teacher Education aims to prepare well-rounded and multi-skilled professional teachers imbued with good character, strong sense of nationalism and patriotism through holistic, inclusive, and dynamic curriculum.


  • To promote professional excellence through in-depth and relevant pedagogical knowledge, skills, and attitude for every education student.
  • To capacitate the teaching personnel, staff, and the learners in the delivery of quality educational services.
  • To become key players in knowledge production, innovations, and community development.


  • To sustain quality educational services through consistent assessment, monitoring, and evaluation of its operational systems relative to its trifocal functions of instruction, research, and extension.
  • To promote continuity of education and training for both the personnel and the learners.
  • To advocate the code of ethics for public school teachers and government employees.


  • Morally-upright
  • Exhibiting excellence
  • Nationalistic
  • Talented and Trustworthy  
  • Observant, Obedient, Open-Minded, and Optimistic
  • Resourceful and Respectful                    
  • Service-Oriented and Self – Confident
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