The College of Computer Studies and Technology aims to produce well-rounded PLSPians, which are computing professionals who are capable of analyzing an organization’s situation and design, web and game developers, database management analysts, formulating and evaluating programs and systems, and developing technological solutions. These technological solutions are for industry/business organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions. The CCST offers programs such as Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, and non-degree programs in automotive and electronic technology. The present curriculum assures that the programs are merging with different fields like business, management, entrepreneurship, and education with information technology, which is based on the CMO 25, Series of 2015.

The college also promotes the implementation of disciplinary research and activities for both faculty and students. The college supports its faculty members through faculty development programs, professional, training and seminars, project involvement, community extension, and engagement inside and outside the university.

The CCST has continuous efforts in seeking external linkages and partnerships with the leading technology industry companies. Through this Strategy, the students and faculty will have adequate exposure to the real-life situation in the IT industry. In Addition, the college requires its students outputs, like its capstone projects, which are based on the CMO 25, Series of 2015, to be industry-based and simulate actual organization situations. Moreover, the internship, practicum, or on-the-job training program of the college is based on the requirements of the CHED. The college is taking the initiative to establish a long-term partnership with industry that will develop an enrollment and employment program.


The College of Computer Studies and Technology envisions its Graduates as Highly Innovative Professionals and Competitive skilled workers equipped with relevant and balanced training with strong Filipino values for long-term employability contributing to the country`s development goals and global economy.


The College of Computer Studies and Technology is committed to provide relevant and innovative programs such as computing and technical-vocational that respond to the demand of the market enabling them to meet the challenges being brought about by the rapid changes of Technological Advancement through the development of curricula that produces learners of highly technical skills and competence: to empower the learners with technopreneurship education with high-level of learning and training to become more responsive and productive citizens.


College of Computer Studies Technology’s main goal is to establish as one of the premier local universities that produces qualified and well-rounded professionals that are technological component and competitve.


  • To train professionals that meets the growing demands of industry, government, academe, and business.
  • To incessantly develop programs addressing the need of local and global markets
  • To continuously engage students and faculty in the development of the four functions of the higher education institutions namely; instruction, research, extension, and productions.
  • To provide adequate exposures related to the academic and global practices and requirements.


  • Character
  • Courtesy
  • Sincerity
  • Tenacity
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